Electrical Infrared Inspection

Electrical and mechanical equipment is designed to operate to a maximum temperature range. Operating over this temperature can lead to premature and sometimes catastrophic failure.

The information is captured using a highly sophisticated and sensitive camera. This camera is cable of detecting differences in temperature of less than 1 degree Celsius. The information is then processed into a report, which is supplied to the customer. This report contains valuable information regarding heat patterns or “exceptions” which suggest faults in the condition of facilities and equipment surveyed, and a suggestion of necessary repairs and/or the need for continued monitoring. The asset owners and managers know their facility best, and must make the final prioritization of action.

This is a non-destructive, in-intrusive testing method that gives the customer valuable information to seek out problem areas and make informed decisions regarding the condition of their facilities and/or equipment. In addition, the information provided may be a requirement of some insurance companies to secure coverage.

Quantitative analysis for precise temperature measurement in special situations takes a great deal of time. Most often, the qualitative images with uncorrected temperature data is sufficient information to make good decisions.

Electrical: Predictive Maintenance Applications

  • Transformers
  • Buss connections
  • Buss Duct
  • Breaker panels
  • Power disconnects
  • MCC
  • Any loose connection can cause heat
PMT_Tech - Copy

You see: tech connections.


Water has dripped through tech cable braid stubbed down from a roof mast…


We see: heating on ferrous connections.


…causing corrosion on a 400Amp 480Volt disconnect.

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